Annual review of contract demand of KSEB consumer

Refer Supply Code: 101

(1) In the case of HT and EHT connections, if the maximum demand recorded exceeds the contract demand in three billing periods during the previous financial year, the licensee shall issue a notice of thirty days to the consumer directing him to submit within the notice period, an application for enhancement of contract demand.

(2) If there is no response from the consumer by the end of the notice period, the licensee shall enhance the contract demand of the consumer to the average of the top three readings of maximum demand shown by the maximum demand indicator (MDI) meter of the consumer during the previous financial year, if the additional load can be sanctioned without augmentation or upgradation or uprating of the distribution system.

(3) In the case of LT consumers under demand based tariff, similar review and consequential process shall be carried out.

(4) Consequent to enhancing the contract demand, applicable charges shall be collected from the consumer and the consumer shall be directed to execute supplementary agreement if required.

(5) If the distribution system is not adequate to meet the excess demand of the consumer, he shall be directed by the licensee to restrict his demand to the permissible limit, till necessary augmentation or upgradation or uprating works are done as per the provisions of this Code:

Provided that the service may be disconnected after sufficient notice as per the Code if the consumer does not comply with such direction.

(6) For enhancing the contract demand, the licensee and applicant shall follow the procedure and timelines with respect to acceptance of application form, site inspection, issuance of demand note and payment of the estimated expenditure for works in accordance with regulation 99 of the Code.

(7) The consumer may approach the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum if he is not satisfied with the decision of the licensee.

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