Delay on the part of applicant to take KSEB supply

(Supply Code:59)

(1) Where the licensee has completed the work required for providing supply of electricity to an applicant and the installation of the applicant is not ready to receive supply, the licensee shall serve on the applicant a notice directing him to take supply within sixty days of service of the notice in the case of LT consumers and within ninety days of service of notice in the case of HT and EHT consumers and intimating him that the application will be treated as withdrawn if he fails to respond to the notice within the notice period.

(2) If the applicant fails to respond to the notice within the notice period, his application may be treated as withdrawn and further steps taken in accordance with regulation 58 of the Code.

(3) If the applicant requests for extension of time for availing supply, the licensee may extend the time if the reasons are genuine in the opinion of the licensee.

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