Dismantling of KSEB supply on the request of consumer

(Refer Supply code:145)

(1) In case a consumer desires his service to be dismantled and the service connection agreement to be terminated, he shall apply for the same in the format specified in Annexure - 20 to the Code.

(2) The KSEB Ltd. shall give a written acknowledgment of receipt of such request, on the spot.

(3) The KSEB Ltd. shall, within ten days from receipt of the request, carry out a special reading and prepare a final bill including all arrears up to the date of such billing.

(4) The KSEB Ltd. may disconnect the supply of electricity immediately after the special reading is taken.

(5) On payment of all dues by the consumer, the KSEB Ltd. shall issue a No Dues Certificate and a receipt for the payment with the words ‘Final Bill’ stamped on it.

(6) Thereafter, the KSEB Ltd. shall not have any right to recover any charge for any period prior to the date of final bill.

(7) The KSEB Ltd. shall not raise any bill after dismantling.

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