Procedure regarding Disputed Electricity bills

(Refer Supply code:130)

(1) Any complaint with regard to the accuracy of the bill shall be made in writing to the officer designated by the licensee to issue the bill.

(2) On receipt of the complaint regarding a bill, such designated officer shall issue a written or electronic acknowledgement on the spot and give a complaint number for reference.

(3) Obvious errors such as calculation errors, shall be rectified and corrected bill shall be issued on the same day by such designated officer who issued the bill.

(4) On a complaint by any consumer regarding the correctness of a bill, the designated officer of the licensee shall immediately carry out a review.

(5) If the review establishes that the bill is incorrect, the designated officer of the licensee shall issue a revised bill with all necessary particulars, within three working days and appropriately adjust the account of the consumer.

(6) The consumer shall be given clear fifteen days time for payment of the amount as per the corrected bill and he shall not be charged any penalty if the payment is made on or before the revised due date.

(7) If the complaint was found to be incorrect, the consumer shall immediately be notified and directed to make payment as per the original bill and the consumer shall be liable to pay late payment penalty if the payment is made after the due date of payment as per the original bill.

(8) While communicating the decision on the review of the bill, the licensee shall advise the consumer in writing about his right to prefer an application against the decision of the licensee before the Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum (CGRF) and further to prefer appeal before the Ombudsman.

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