Documents to be submitted for New LT Service Connection

(a) Photograph to  be affixed on application.
(b) Identity Proof - If Applicant is a  person
Supply Code-44.
Accept  any of the following documents as proof of identity of any individual.
  • Electoral identity card;          
  • Passport;
  • Driving license;
  • Ration card;
  • Photo identity card issued by Government agency;
  • PAN card;
  • Aadhar card / NPR card;
  • Photo identity card   from village Panchayat /  Municipality /Municipal Corporation .
Identity Proof - If Applicant is an organization
(submit  applicable document)
Proof of personal identity, authorization letter, resolution, copies of partnership deed, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, as applicable.
(c) Proof of ownership or  occupancy of premises for  which electricity connection is required
(Any one)
Supply Code-45.
Accept any of the following documents as proof of ownership or occupancy of premises:- (i) certified copy of title deed or lease agreement;
  • letter of authorisation from the Punja / Kole Special Officer in the case of agricultural connections for dewatering;
  • ownership certificate from Municipal Corporation or Municipality or Panchayat or Township in the case of buildings;
  • ownership certificate issued by competent revenue authority i n the case of land;
  • letter of allotment in the case of industrial estates or industrial parks or Special Economic Zones;
  • Possession certificate from Revenue authorities.
If applicant is not an owner but an occupier of the premises Furnish a No Objection Certificate from the owner of the premises along with any one of the documents listed (i) to (vi) above.
(d) Proof of present address
 (Supply code 46)

Accept any one of the following documents as proof of present address for communication:-
  • Electoral identity card;
  • passport;
  • Aadhar / National Population Register (NPR) card;
  • ration card;
  • photo identity card issued by any Government agency;
  • occupancy certificate from Municipal Corporation / Municipality / Panchayat;
  • most recent water or telephone or electricity or gas connection bill;
  • Income Tax assessment order.
  Test cum completion report
(Supply code 26)
Test cum completion report of consumer installation in the prescribed format.
  The following documents also to be attached with the application form, if applicable.
  In the case of a company, trust, educational institution, Government department or similar institution
(Supply code 75).
The application form, signed by a competent officer duly authorised for this purpose, shall be submitted along with the relevant resolution or authorisation letter of the institution concerned and the proof of his identity.
  In  case  of  a  partnership  firm Attested copy of the  partnership  deed  and  an authorization  in the name of the applicant  for signing  the application form and service connection agreement
  In the case of public or private limited company An attested copy of the Memorandum of Association, the Articles of Association and of the Certificate of Incorporation along with an authorisation in the name of the applicant for signing the application form and service connection agreement.
  Other documents  applicable  only for selected consumer  categories
  Industrial connection
(Supply code 75)
  • License or permit issued by the local authority having jurisdiction over the area,
  • Industrial license,
  • letter of approval by the Special Economic Zone (SEZ),
  • Small scale industries (SSI) registration (if applicable)
  Agricultural  connection  of Punja or Kole land Letter of authorisation from Punja or Kole Special
Officer  or  from  any  authority  authorised by
Government in Agricultural Department.
  Irrigation pump  set  for  pumping water  from           state  owned rivers, canals, ponds, wells etc. (Agricultural  consumers) No objection     certificate      from      competent
Government authority for  pumping water from state owned rivers, canals, ponds, wells etc
  Non-domestic kiosks, telecom tower and Temporary structures. No objection certificate for kiosk or temporary Structure from the Municipal Corporation or Municipality or Grama Panchayat or land development authority or land owning agency.

Temporary connection
(supply code-88)

No Objection Certificate (NOC) or Permit from local authority and from the Electrical Inspector or from such other competent authorities, as the case may be, in case such NOC or permit is required for the activity for which connection is applied for.
  (i) High rise building;
(ii) installation involving stand by generator;
(iii) neon sign board;
(iv) X-ray unit;
(v) lift and escalator; and for
(vi) Temporary connection where more than 100 persons are likely to assemble


Approval from the Electrical Inspector for the electrical installations.
(supply code-15)

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