Consequence of making the Electricity meter inaccessible for reading

(Refer Supply code:111)

(1) If the meter is rendered inaccessible on two consecutive meter reading dates of two billing cycles, a notice shall be issued to the consumer to keep the meter accessible for reading and to get the meter read by the licensee after payment of a penal charge as approved by the Commission, on a date which shall be at least seven days after the date of notice and at the time specified in the notice.

(2) If meter is not made accessible even on the date specified in the notice, a disconnection notice shall be served on the consumer or affixed near the main entrance of the premises, if the consumer is not available.

(3) If the consumer fails to comply with the notice, the supply shall be disconnected and reconnection of supply shall be effected only after the reading is taken and all the dues are realised.

(4)The provisions of the above subregulations shall not apply in the case of a domestic consumer who has given advance intimation to the licensee of the inaccessibility of his meter for reading due to the consumer being out of station and has also deposited an amount in accordance with regulation 129 of the Code.

(5) When a domestic consumer, who has paid entire dues up to date, gives prior information in writing to the licensee about inaccessibility of the meter due to continued absence from residence, the licensee shall not send any notice or provisional bill to the consumer if the consumer pays the fixed charge or minimum charge for such period in advance.

(6) Whenever the meter is made accessible by the consumer for taking the meter reading, the entire consumption shall be taken as if the consumption was for the period excluding the intimated period of inaccessibility.

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