Enhancement of connected load or contract demand of KSEB Consumer

Refer: Supply Code: 99

(1) Consumer shall apply to the licensee for enhancement of contract demand in case of consumers under demand based tariff and of connected load in the case of others, in the form specified and the licensee shall process the application form in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Code.

(2) For site inspection as well as issuance and payment of demand note for the estimated cost of work if any, both the licensee and the applicant shall follow, mutatis mutandis the procedure and timelines as laid down in regulations 77 to 83 of the Code.

(3) The licensee shall give a written intimation along with the demand note to the consumer which shall include the following:-

(a) whether the additional power can be supplied at the existing supply voltage or at a higher voltage;

(b) addition or alteration, if any, required to be made to the distribution system and the expenditure to be borne by the consumer, on that account;

(c) amount of additional security deposit and expenditure for alteration of service line and apparatus, if any, to be deposited in advance by the consumer;

(d) change in classification of the consumer and applicability of tariff, if required; and

(e) any other information relevant to the issue.

(4) The application for enhancement of load shall not be considered if the consumer is in arrears of payment of the dues payable to the licensee.

(5) If the enhancement of load is feasible, the consumer shall:-

(a) pay additional security deposit, expenditure for alteration of service line and apparatus, if any, required to be made, and the cost to be borne by the consumer for modification for distribution system if any, within fifteen days of receipt of the demand note; and

(b) execute a supplementary agreement;

(6) If the consumer pays the required charges and executes a supplementary agreement, the licensee shall execute the work of modification of the distribution system, service line or meter and other apparatus within the time line specified under regulation 85, mutatis mutandis, and sanction the additional contract demand or connected load.

(7) The licensee shall issue order on the application for the enhancement of load within thirty days from the date of its receipt and intimate the applicant whether or not the enhancement of load is sanctioned.

(8) If the licensee does not intimate its decision on the application for the enhancement of load within the above period, sanction for enhancement of load or contract demand, as the case may be, shall be deemed to have been granted with effect from the thirty first day of the date of submission of the application by the consumer.

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