Execution of agreement for KSEB supply

Refer Supply Code: 103

(1) Before granting connection as well as before transfer of connection as the case may be, the applicant shall execute a service connection agreement.

(2) The consumer shall execute a supplementary agreement for enhancement or reduction of sanctioned load.

(4) The agreement form shall be supplied by the licensee along with application form and it shall also be made available on the website of the licensee for free download.

(5) The agreement shall be executed on stamp paper worth the amount as may be specified in accordance with the provisions of the Kerala Stamp Act, 1959:

Provided that adhesive stamp worth the amount as specified above, may be used in lieu of the stamp paper.

(6) The agreement shall include the following:-

(a) name and complete permanent address of the consumer/applicant, consumer number;

(b) address of the premises for which electricity supply has been requisitioned and for which the agreement is being executed;

(c) sanctioned load or contract demand;

(d) specific and detailed purpose of usage of electricity;

(e) a detailed drawing of the installation of the consumer with details of connected load and a sketch of the premises with a location map;

(f) declaration by the applicant or consumer,-

(i) to abide by provisions of the Act and the Code;

(ii) to pay for the supply of electricity based on the prevailing tariff rates;

(iii) to pay for all other charges and expenditure payable in accordance with the Code and the Schedule of Miscellaneous Charges and cost data of the licensee approved by the Commission from time to time;

(iv) to deposit such security money as the licensee may be entitled to require from him under the Act and this Code.

(7) A copy of the agreement executed shall be given to the consumer or the applicant, as the case may be, under proper acknowledgement.

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