Cases where Expenditure for extension/upgradation of distribution system to be borne by consumer

The expenditure for extension/upgradation or both of the distribution system undertaken exclusively for giving new service connection or for enhancing load demand shall be borne by the respective applicant/consumer, in the following cases:-

  1. For meeting the demand of an applicant with a contract demand above one megawatt (MW);
  2. For meeting the additional demand of existing consumers, if the aggregate demand including the additional demand applied for, is above one megawatt (MW);
  3. For meeting the demand of the domestic or commercial or industrial complex or colony constructed by a developer or a builder with a demand above one megawatt (MW);
  4. For meeting the demand of a high rise building irrespective of its demand;
  5. For meeting the demand of power intensive unit irrespective of its demand; and
  6. For meeting the demand of a consumer requesting for dedicated feeder or protected load status irrespective of its demand:

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