General provisions relating to Electricity billing

(Supply code:122)

(1) On effecting supply to any premises, the licensee shall inform the consumer the schedule for meter reading, billing and payment.

(2) Any subsequent change in such schedule shall be brought to the notice of the consumer sufficiently in advance.

(6) The licensee shall issue the first bill within a maximum of two billing cycles of energising a new connection.

(7) In case the consumer does not receive the first bill within two billing cycles from the date of energisation of the connection, he shall intimate the same, in writing, to the office of the licensee and the licensee shall issue the bill within the next fifteen days if not already issued or issue a duplicate bill if the bill has already been issued.

(8) The bill shall be delivered to the consumer or his representative available at the premises immediately in the case of spot billing, under acknowledgment.

(9) If nobody is available for acknowledging, the bill shall be deposited in the letter box if provided.

(10) In all other cases, the licensee shall ensure that the bill is prepared and delivered to the consumer by hand or by post or by courier or by e-mail within three days from the date of meter reading and that the due date of payment is fixed as the tenth day from the date of meter reading or any day thereafter.

(11) If a consumer does not receive the bill within seven days of the date of issue of the bill, he may obtain a duplicate bill from the concerned billing office of the licensee.

(12) The licensee shall issue a duplicate bill immediately if the consumer contacts the office of the licensee in person or telephonically:

Provided that, non-receipt of the bill shall not entitle the consumer to delay payment beyond the due date stipulated in the original bill.

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