1. HT  consumers  with  seasonal  load  shall  register  themselves  with the Kerala State Electricity Board Limited or other licensees  as seasonal consumers for the purpose for which electricity is used.  They shall be billed under appropriate tariff applicable to the category to which they belong, for the period of use.
2. For registration as a seasonal consumer, the consumer should have a minimum of   four   working   months   per   annum   or   he  should guarantee a  minimum equivalent thereto for the working season.
3. If a consumer registered with the Kerala State Electricity Board Limited or  other  licensees  as  a  seasonal  consumer,  specifies  the  use  of electricity for different purposes during different seasons and also specifies the period of usage for each such purpose, then the consumer shall billed under appropriate tariff for each purpose during different seasons separately.
4. f   a   registered   seasonal   consumer   using   electricity   for  different purposes without specifying the purposes and the period of usage, then the consumer shall be charged at the highest tariff applicable amongst the different uses, for the various operations for the whole year.
5.The conditions for lighting for seasonal industrial consumers shall be the same as applicable in the case of HT-I.
6.  If  a  registered  seasonal  consumer  opts  for  disconnection  of  supply during the period other than the period of usage (specified seasonal usage), then he shall pay higher demand charges during the working season as below:

(a) Demand charges shall be increased by 5(12-N) % where ‘N’ is the number  of  months  during  which  the  consumer  registers  himself with the  Kerala State Electricity Board Limited or other licensees to utilize the service in the year.
(b) There will be no billing for the idling period.
(c) The   service   to   the   consumer   will   be   disconnected   without notice immediately on termination of the registered period unless the consumer asks for continuance of the service during the idle period for which also he will be charged at the same seasonal rate applicable for the original period. (d) Monthly minimum charge equivalent to demand charges for 75% of the contract demand increased as per (a) above shall be collected from the consumer in each working month.
(e) The re-connection fee shall be as specified in the Kerala Electricity Supply Code, 2014 and its amendments from time to time.

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