Procedure for KSEB billing in the case of defective or damaged energy meter

(Refer Supply code:125)

(1) In the case of defective or damaged meter, the consumer shall be billed on the basis of average consumption of the past three billing cycles immediately preceding the date of the meter being found or reported defective:

Provided that, the average shall be computed from the three billing cycles after the meter is replaced if required details pertaining to previous billing cycles are not available:

Provided further that any evidence given by consumer about conditions of working and occupancy of the concerned premises during the said period, which might have had a bearing on energy consumption, shall also be considered by the licensee for computing the average.

(2) Charges based on the average consumption as computed above shall be levied only for a maximum period of two billing cycles during which time the licensee shall replace the defective or damaged meter with a correct meter.

(3) In case, the maximum demand indicator (MDI) of the meter at the installation of the consumer is found to be faulty or not recording at all, the demand charges shall be calculated based on maximum demand during corresponding months or billing cycle of the previous year, when the meter was functional and recording correctly.

(4) In case, the recorded maximum demand (MD) of corresponding month or billing cycle of past year is also not available, the average maximum demand as available for lesser period shall be considered:

Provided that the above subregulations shall not be applicable in the case of a tampered meter for which appropriate action under the provisions of the Act shall be initiated by the licensee.

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