LT-III Temporary Connections /Extensions -KSEB Electricity Charges (Tariff)

Low Tension – III (A) Temporary connections {LT III(A)}

Tariff applicable for single or three phase temporary connections for purposes such as illumination, exhibition, festivals,  public meeting and fairs.

LT – III (A)  Temporary connections

Energy Charge (Rs/kWh)



Daily minimum of Rs.140 /kW or part thereof of the connected load,
whichever is higher

Note: 40% concession in the rates shall be allowed if the connection is for;

(a) the exhibitions conducted or sponsored by the Government or Local self- Government institutions or by Government educational institutions or by public sector undertakings and the exhibitions conducted by recognized private educational institutions;

(b) festivals of religious worship centres for the illumination, public address system and security lighting. (This concession is limited to the energy availed by the religious worship centres and not by other agencies who function in the premises of religious worship centers where festival is being organized).


Applicable to temporary extension taken from the premise of existing consumers.

LT - III(B) Temporary extensions


Fixed charges per day - Rs.65/kW or part thereof of connected load plus the application fee, test fee etc.  Energy charges shall be recovered from the consumer wherefrom extension is availed, at the tariff applicable to him.


Note: Temporary extension shall be allowed only for a maximum period of 15 days at a time.

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