LT-IV - INDUSTRY - KSEB Electricity Charges (Tariff)


LT-IV (A) Industrial tariff is applicable for the general purpose industrial loads (single or three phase) which include,-

  1. manufacturing units,
  2. grinding mills, flour mills, oil mills, rice mills,
  3. Saw mills, units using electric hydraulic axe machine to break down logs into small pieces.
  4. ice factories,
  5. rubber smoke houses, tyre vulcanizing/re-treading units, manufacturing rubber sheets from latex,
  6. workshops using power, mainly for production and/or repair,
  7. public waterworks, drinking water pumping for public by Kerala Water Authority, corporations, municipalities and panchayats, telemetry stations of KWA, pumping water for non- agricultural purposes, sewage pumping units,
  8. power laundries,
  9. screen printing of glass ware or ceramic, SSI  units  engaged  in computerized  colour photo printing,
  10. audio/video cassette/CD manufacturing units,
  11. printing presses including presses engaged in printing dailies,
  12. bakeries (where manufacturing process and sales are carried out in the same premises)
  13. diamond- cutting units, stone crushing units,
  14.  book binding units with allied activities,
  15. garment making units,
  16. seafood processing units, prawn peeling and processing units, granite cutting  units  (where  boulders  are  cut  into  sheets  in  the  same premises),
  17. plantations of cash crops, tea factories, cardamom drying and curing units,
  18. units  carrying  out  extraction  of  oil  in  addition  to  the  filtering  and packing activities carrying out in the same premise and under the same service connection,
  19.  dairy,  processing  of  milk  by  pasteurization  and  its    storage  and packing,
  20. Soda manufacturing units, bottling plants/ packaging drinking water.
  21. Electric crematoria.


(a) Fixed Charge

(i)  Connected load  of and below 10 kW (Rs. per consumer per month)


(ii)  Connected load above 10kW and up to 20 kW (Rs. per kW or part thereof per month)


(iii) Connected load above 20 kW (Rs. per kVA or part thereof per month)


(b) Energy Charge (Rs/kWh)


Note: 1.- Workshops with automobile service stations shall segregate the workshop load for availing the benefit of industrial tariff.   If loads are not segregated the charges shall be realized at the rates applicable to automobile service stations.

Note : 2.- General conditions relating to installation of capacitors will apply.


LOW TENSION – IV (B) – IT and IT Enabled Services. {LT IV (B)}

Tariff applicable to Information Technology (IT) and IT enabled services including akshaya-e-centres, computer consultancy services units, call centers, software services, data processing activities, desktop publishing (DTP), software development units and such other IT enabled services.


LT - IV (B) IT and IT Enabled Services

(a) Fixed Charge



(i) Connected load of and below 10kW (Rs. per consumer per month)

(ii) Connected load above 10 kW and up to 20kW (Rs. per kW or part thereof per month)



(iii) Connected load above 20 kW (Rs. per kVA or part thereof per month



(b) Energy Charge    (Rs/kWh)


Note: General conditions relating to installation of capacitors will apply.

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