LT-VII–COMMERCIAL - KSEB Electricity Charges (Tariff)

LT- VII-Commercial (A) [LT- VII (A)]
The  tariff  under  LT-VII  (A)  category  is  applicable  to  commercial  and  trading establishment such as,

  1. shops, showrooms, display outlets, business  houses,
  2. hotels   and  restaurants  (having  connected  load  exceeding  1000 W), house boats
  3. private  lodges,  private hostels,  private  guest  houses,  private  rest houses, private travellers bungalows,
  4. freezing plants, cold storages, milk chilling plants,
  5. shops  selling  confectioneries,  sweetmeat,  breads  and  such  other eatables  without manufacturing process,
  6. petrol/diesel/ LPG /CNG bunks, LPG bottling plants,
  7. automobile service stations, computerized wheel alignment centres,
  8. marble and granite cutting units,
  9. units carrying out filtering, packing and other associated activities of oil brought from outside,
  10. share broking firms, stock broking firms, marketing firms.


LT VII Commercial (A)

(a)  Fixed charge (Rs/ kW per month)


(i)            Single Phase


(ii)          Three phase


(b)  Energy Charge (Rs per unit)


(i)            Of and below 100 units per month


(ii)          Of and below 200 units per month


(iii)         Of and below 300 units per month


(iv)         Of and below 500 units per month


(v)          Above 500 units per month



LT- VII Commercial (B) [LT-VII-B]

Tariff applicable to commercial and trading establishments such as,-

  1. shops, bunks, hotels, restaurants, having connected load of and below 1000 Watts.
  2. telephone / fax / e-mail / photocopy booths and internet cafes having connected load of and below 1000 Watts.

When connected load of the above mentioned consumers exceeds 1000 Watts, such consumers shall be charged under LT -VII (A) tariff.  If monthly consumption of LT- VII (B) consumers having connected load of and below 1000 Watts, exceeds 300 units, the energy charges shall be realized at the rate of energy charges applicable to LT -VII (A) consumers.

LT - VII Commercial (B)

(a) Fixed Charge (Rs. per kW or part thereof) Month


(b)Energy charge (Rs/unit)


(i)              0 to 100 units


(ii)           0 to 200 units


(iii)          0 to 300 units



LT- VII Commercial (C) [LT-VII-C]

The tariff under LT VII (C) is applicable to,-

  1. cinema theatres;
  2. circus;
  3. sports  and  arts  clubs,  sailing  or  swimming  clubs  and  gymnasium having connected load exceeding 2000W.

LT - VII Commercial (C)

(a)  Fixed Charge (Rs. per kW or part thereof) Month


(b)  Energy Charge (Rs/kWh)


(i) Of and below 1000 kWh


(ii) Above 1000 kWh


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