Limits of connected loads and contract demand for new LT connections

(1)The maximum connected load permissible for low tension three phase category shall be limited to 100kVA.

(2) The maximum contract demand permissible for low tension consumer who avails power under demand based metering shall be 100kVA, irrespective of his connected load.

(3) Service connection shall be given at multi-storeyed building at low tension, even if the connected load or contract demand is more than 100 kVA, provided the developer or builder of the building, installs and maintains at his cost, the transformer station of adequate capacity and associated apparatus including the internal distribution system and enhances the capacity of the transformer to meet the load growth if any.

(3) A low tension consumer who, as on the date of implementation of Supply Code, 2005, had a sanctioned load exceeding the limit of 100kVA, may be permitted, subject to realisation of low voltage supply surcharge, to operate with the same sanctioned load at the same voltage level of supply until an upward revision of connected load is sought for by the consumer.

Views: 1980.