Option of the KSEB consumer to purchase the Electricity meter

(Refer Supply code:105)

(1) At the time of seeking a new connection the consumer shall have the option to either;

(a) purchase the meter and associated equipment himself from a vendor; or

(b) require that the meter and associated equipment be supplied by the licensee:

Provided that the meter and associated equipment purchased by the consumer shall be of a make and specification approved by the licensee from time to time.

(2) The consumer shall indicate his option in the application form and licensee shall supply him with the list of approved vendors and makes.

(3) Once the consumer has procured the meter, the licensee shall test, install and seal the meter.

(4) The testing shall be done in an accredited laboratory or in an approved laboratory on realisation of fee as approved by the Commission.

(5) The testing shall be got completed by the licensee so as to effect service connection within the time line specified.

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