Procedure for conversion of nature of existing KSEB connection

Supply Code: 93

(1) The applicant shall apply for conversion of the nature of his existing connection in the specified format.

(4) After payment of requisite expenditure by the applicant, the licensee shall complete the work for the conversion of existing service from low tension (LT) to high tension (HT) or vice-versa, and from single-phase to three-phase or vice-versa, within the following time limits:-

1) conversion from LT single phase to LT three phase or vice-versa within forty five days from the date of payment of necessary charges by the consumer;
2) conversion from LT to HT or vice-versa within one hundred and twenty days from the date of payment of necessary charges by the consumer.

(5) For conversion from HT to EHT or vice-versa, the time period with in which the conversion can be effected shall be determined on a case to case basis.

(6) The licensee shall, within the specified period, seek the approval of the Commission for extension of time limit whenever the above schedule cannot be adhered to.

(7) Excess payment if any, made by the consumer towards the expenditure, shall be adjusted by refund and deficit payment if any, shall be realised by way of an additional demand note.

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