Procedure for providing temporary connection by KSEB

Supply Code: 88

(1) The licensee shall give temporary connection for bona fide purposes in places where the distributing mains of the licensee are in existence: Provided that temporary connection will be given only in the cases of low tension and high tension categories:

Provided further that the applicant for temporary connection shall produce, along with his application, no objection certificate (NOC) or permit from local authority and from the Electrical Inspector or from such other competent authorities, as the case may be, in case such NOC or permit is required for the activity for which connection is applied for:

Provided also that, in case any permit or NOC is withdrawn by the competent authority after energisation of connection, the supply shall be disconnected forthwith under intimation to the consumer and shall be reconnected only after the permit or NOC is restored.

(2) Temporary connection shall not ordinarily be granted for a period exceeding one year.

(3) Temporary connection shall be granted using pre-payment meters wherever feasible.

(4) The applicant shall apply for temporary connection in the format specified, as the case may be, along with the documents specified in this Code as well as a no objection certificate (NOC) from the local authority if the supply is required at a place under the control of the local authority.

(5) In case temporary supply is required in premises or place where one hundred or more persons are likely to assemble, applicant shall comply with the provisions of Section 54 of the Act.

(7) During the inspection, the licensee shall examine the technical feasibility of the connection applied for.

(8) If the connection is not found technically feasible, the licensee shall inform the same to the applicant in writing within seven days for LT connection and within fifteen days for HT connections after receipt of application form, giving reason(s) for the same:

Provided that no connection up to a load of 10 kW shall be rejected only on technical grounds.

(9) If on inspection or re-inspection, as the case may be, the connection is found feasible, the licensee shall sanction the load applied for and issue within the timeline specified in regulation 81 of the Code, a demand note in accordance with the Code, including an estimate of advance charges for electricity.

(10) The licensee shall follow the timelines as stipulated here under:

thirty days for LT connection and ninety days for HT connection from the date of remittance of expenditure and advance charges.
Release of temporary connection Time period

Where supply can be provided from existing network

three days from the date of remittance of expenditure and advance charges.
Where supply can be provided after extension of service line or enhancement of capacity of transformer

Provided that in the case of temporary supply for installations, requiring the sanction of the Electrical Inspector or no objection certificate (NOC) or permit from local authority or from any other statutory authority, temporary connection shall be released only after obtaining such sanction or NOC or permit.

(11) If it is found in the inspection by the licensee that there are defects or deficiencies in the installation of the applicant, the licensee shall intimate the applicant on the spot in writing, under acknowledgment, about the defects or deficiencies in the installation.

(12) The applicant, after rectification of the defects or deficiencies, shall intimate the fact to the licensee in writing.

(13) On re-testing of the installation of the consumer after payment of the specified fee for inspection, if the installation of the consumer is found by the licensee to be free from any defect or deficiency, the licensee shall issue a written acknowledgment on the spot.

(14) No fee shall be charged by the licensee for the first test but subsequent tests due to defects or deficiencies found in the initial test may be charged by the licensee.

(15) The licensee shall release the temporary connection by the date of requirement as indicated in the application or at the latest as per the time lines given above, if the estimated expenditure and advance electricity charges for temporary electric connection are deposited by the applicant as per the demand note issued by the licensee after satisfying in the test that the installation of the consumer is in good and safe condition to receive the supply:

Provided that the licensee shall ensure that the advance electricity charges are replenished as and when required, depending upon the consumption of electricity.

(16) If there are outstanding dues on the premises, temporary connection shall not be given till such dues are cleared.

(17) When the period of temporary supply is over and supply has been disconnected, the licensee shall prepare the final bill on the basis of actual consumption.

(18) The dues as per the final bill shall be adjusted against the advance already paid by the consumer and excess if any, shall be refunded by the licensee within fifteen days from the date of disconnection, failing which the licensee shall be liable to pay interest to the consumer at the bank rate as on the date of furnishing such advance.

(19) The consumer shall be given a statement of accounts with details of receipts and charges payable by him.

(20) For enlargement of the period of temporary supply, the consumer shall apply to the licensee in writing at least seven days before the date of expiry of temporary supply.

(21) The licensee may grant extension, if feasible, and send to the consumer, within seven days of receiving the written request, a demand note for advance electricity charges for the period of extension.

(22) Enlargement of time shall not be granted for a period exceeding one year and the maximum period for which a temporary connection may be given including the extension period granted if any, shall not be more than two years except in the case of temporary connection for the purpose of building construction, where, the temporary supply may be extended up to the period of the permit for the construction of the building.

(23) The applicant may get the date of availing temporary supply, postponed to a date not later than ninety days from the date of original sanction, by applying to the licensee at least five days before the originally sanctioned date of commencement of supply.

(24) The grant of temporary connection does not create a right in favour of the applicant for claiming a permanent connection, which shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the Act and of the regulations made thereunder.

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