Reclassification of KSEB consumer category on the request of the consumer

Supply Code: 98

(1) If a consumer wishes to change his consumer category, he shall submit an application to the licensee in the format and the licensee shall process the application as per the relevant provisions of the Code.

(2) The licensee shall conduct site inspection within seven days from the receipt of application and record the meter reading at the time of inspection.

(3) If on inspection, the request of the consumer for reclassification is found genuine, change of category shall be made effective from the date of inspection and a written communication shall be sent to the consumer to this effect within fifteen days of inspection.

(4) Arrear or excess charges if any shall be determined based on the actual period of wrong classification and the account of the consumer shall be adjusted accordingly.

(5) If the actual period of wrong classification cannot be ascertained reasonably, the period shall be limited to a period of twelve months or a period from the date of last inspection of the installation of the consumer by the licensee whichever is shorter.

(6) If the licensee does not find the request for reclassification genuine, it shall inform the applicant in writing, giving reason for the same, within seven days from date of inspection.

(7) For the period in which the application of the consumer for reclassification is pending with the licensee, the consumer shall not be liable for any action on the ground of unauthorised use of electricity.

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