Reclassification of consumer category by KSEB

Refer:Supply Code Clause-97

(1) If it is found that a consumer has been wrongly classified in a particular category or the purpose of supply as mentioned in the agreement has changed or the consumption of power has exceeded the limit of that category as per the tariff order of the Commission or the category has changed consequent to a revision of tariff order, the licensee may suo motu reclassify the consumer under appropriate category.

(2) The consumer shall be informed of the proposed reclassification through a notice with a notice period of thirty days to file objections, if any.

(3) The licensee after due consideration of the reply of the consumer, if any, may reclassify the consumer appropriately.

(4) Arrear or excess charges shall be determined based on the actual period of wrong classification and the account of the consumer shall be suitably adjusted.

(5) If the actual period of wrong classification cannot be ascertained reasonably, the period shall be limited to a period of twelve months or a period from the date of last inspection of the installation of the consumer by the licensee whichever is shorter:

Provided that in the case of reclassification consequent to change of the purpose of supply by the consumer without due authorisation, the licensee may examine each case and initiate proceedings.

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