Recovery of electricity charge arrears and its limitation

(Refer Supply code:136)

(1) The licensee shall be entitled to recover arrears of charges or any other amount due from the consumer along with interest at the rates applicable for belated payments from the date on which such payments became due.

(2) The licensee may prefer a claim for such arrears by issuance of a demand notice and the consumer shall remit the arrear amount within the due date indicated in the demand notice.

(3) No such sum due from any consumer, on account of default in payment shall be recoverable after a period of two years from the date when such sum became first due unless such sum has been shown continuously as recoverable arrear of charges for electricity supplied.

(4) If the consumer fails to remit the amount of arrears with interest on or before the due date indicated in the bill or in the demand notice, the licensee may disconnect the supply of electricity after giving notice and initiate proceedings for the recovery of the arrears in ccordance with the relevant legal provisions.

(5) The licensee may formulate a scheme for one-time settlement of long pending arrears and implement the scheme with prior approval of the Commission:

Provided that such one-time settlement schemes shall be open only for short duration.

Views: 781.