Replacement of defective energy meters in consumer premises

(Refer Supply code:116)

(1)The licensee shall periodically inspect and check the meter and associated apparatus.

(2) If the meter is found defective, the licensee may test it at site, if feasible, and if not feasible, the meter shall be replaced with a correct meter and the defective meter shall be got tested in an accredited laboratory or in an approved laboratory.

(3) The consumer shall provide the licensee necessary assistance for conducting the inspection and the test.

(4) A consumer may request the licensee to inspect and test the meter installed in his premises if he doubts its accuracy, by applying to the licensee in the format given in Annexure - 15 to the Code, along with the requisite testing fee.

(5) On receipt of such request, the licensee shall inspect and check the correctness of the meter within five working days of receiving the complaint.

(6) If the meter is found defective, the licensee and the consumer shall follow the procedure as detailed in regulation 115 above.

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