Replacement of lost energy meter of KSEB consumer

(Refer Supply code:119)

(1) Complaints regarding lost meters shall be entertained by the licensee only if they are accompanied by a copy of the First Information Report (FIR) lodged by the consumer with police and in all such cases, the licensee shall also conduct an inquiry thereto.

(2) If it is established that it is a case of genuine loss of meter and if meter can not be replaced immediately, the licensee shall restore the supply without meter, after ensuring that necessary preventive action at site is taken to avoid future loss and after obtaining an undertaking from the consumer to make good the loss if any sustained by the licensee.

(3) The consumption during such period of supply without meter shall be computed based on the average consumption during the previous billing cycle.

(4) The licensee shall provide a correct meter within the least possible time, at any rate within three working days for LT meter and within fifteen days for HT meter.

(5) In case of loss of meter, the cost of replacement of meter and associated apparatus shall be borne by the consumer unless the meter was installed in the office or substation of the licensee.

(6) For realizing the cost of replacement, the procedure described in regulation 117 shall be followed.

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