Review of security deposit for KSEB supply

(Supply Code:73)

(1) During the first quarter of the financial year, the KSEB Ltd. shall review the consumption pattern of the consumer from April to March of the previous year, for assessing the adequacy of the security deposit.

(2) The consumer is required to maintain a security deposit as specified in subregulation (6) of regulation 67 of the Code, where ‘average monthly bill’ shall be equal to the average of the demand raised in the previous financial year.

(3) If on review, it is found that the security deposit available with the KSEB Ltd. is more than what is required, the excess amount shall be refunded to the consumer and such refund of security to the consumer by the KSEB Ltd., as and when arises, shall be made without any other formalities, by way of adjustment in a maximum of two ensuing electricity bills.

(4) Based on the review, the KSEB Ltd. may demand for additional security deposit for making up the deficit if any, in the security deposit, by giving thirty days notice to the consumer.

(5) The consumer shall deposit the additional security deposit as per the demand raised by the KSEB Ltd.:
Provided that for a consumer whose electricity connection is less than one year old, the security deposit shall not be revised at the beginning of the ensuing financial year and subsequently, the security deposit shall be revised annually as per the procedure laid down in subregulation (1) above.

(6) Security deposit to be shown in the electricity bill: The security deposit available with the KSEB Ltd. in respect of each consumer shall be shown in the bill issued to the consumer.

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