Special reading and billing of meters in cases of change of occupancy or vacating of the premises

(Refer Supply code:127)

(1) It shall be the responsibility of the consumer to get a special reading taken by KSEB Ltd. at the time of change of occupancy of the premises or its falling vacant and to obtain, after paying the dues, a no dues certificate from KSEB Ltd..

(2) The consumer shall request in writing to KSEB Ltd. for special reading to be taken at least fifteen days in advance of the vacating of premises or change of the occupancy, as the case may be:
Provided that, KSEB Ltd. may accept a notice of shorter period.

(3) KSEB Ltd. shall arrange to take a special reading of the meter within seven days of receiving the written request of the consumer and issue a final bill including all arrears till the date of billing, at least seven days before change of occupancy or vacating of the premises.

(4) The final bill thus issued shall mention that no other dues are pending on the premises and that the bill is final.

(5) The final bill shall also include charges for the period between the date of special reading and date of vacating of premises on a pro-rata basis.

(6) Once the final bill is preferred, KSEB Ltd. shall not have any right to recover any charge other than those in the final bill, for any period prior to the date of such bill. KSEB Ltd. shall, on the request of the consumer, disconnect supply to the premises on its falling vacant.

(7) It shall be the responsibility of the consumer to make payment as per the final bill on or before vacating the premises and the KSEB Ltd. shall accordingly issue a no-dues certificate on receiving such payment:
Provided that, in the case of change of occupancy, the connection shall not be disconnected.

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