Termination of agreement for supply of electricity from KSEB

(1) The consumer cannot ordinarily terminate the agreement for supply of electricity before the expiry of the initial lock in period of one year from the date of agreement in the case of LT connections and before the expiry of lock in period of two years in case of HT or EHT connections.

(2) After such lock in period, the consumer may apply to the KSEB Ltd. for termination of the agreement with effect from a date which shall be after thirty days from the date of such application:

Provided that, if the agreement is to be terminated on the request of the consumer before expiry of the initial lock in period, the consumer shall be liable to pay charges as specified below:-

      i. the demand charge or fixed charge for a period of six months or the period by which the total duration of the agreement falls short of one year, whichever is lower;

      ii. the estimated expenditure for removal of the service line and associated equipment, in the case of HT or EHT consumer:

Provided further that whenever an agreement is terminated on notice given by the consumer, the KSEB Ltd. shall, within two working days after termination, give a written intimation in the format given in Annexure - 19 to the Code.

(3) If the service connection of the consumer remains continuously disconnected for one hundred and eighty days, except upon the request of the consumer, the agreement may be terminated after giving a notice of fifteen days to the consumer.

(4) The KSEB Ltd. shall issue a demand note to the consumer in writing, under acknowledgment, within ten days of receipt of request from the consumer for termination of the agreement.

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