ToD Tariff for Domestic and Industrial (LT & HT) Consumers

ToD Tariff for Domestic Consumers

Applicable to  HT-V  and LT consumers with monthly consumption above 500 units.



Normal    Period
      (6 hrs to 18 hrs)

Peak Period
      (18 hrs to 22 hrs)

Off Peak Period
      (22hrs to 06 hrs)

Energy charge

100% of the
      ruling tariff

120% of the ruling

90% of the ruling

1.  In the case of LT-  domestic category;

(a) Six months consumption shall be monitored from normal bi-monthly  readings during  January / February and July / August every year. If  the  average monthly consumption for first or second half of the year  is above 500 Units, the consumer will be brought under ToD system  after installing ToD meter in the  premises.
  (b) ToD based billing will be done whenever the monthly consumption exceeds 500 Units. If the  consumption falls below 500  Units/month in any month, slab based billing shall  be followed.
  (c) The ruling tariff for LT- domestic is the energy charge approved for the monthly consumption above 500 units.
2.  In the case of HT-V domestic, the ruling energy charge  is the energy charge approved for HT-V domestic category.


ToD Tariff applicable to EHT, HT (except HT-V  domestic) and  LT industrial  consumers (with connected load of and above 20KW)  Consumers

The  ToD  tariff  applicable   to   EHT,   HT  (except   HT-V   domestic)   and  LT industrial consumers (with connected load of and above 20 kW)  for  energy consumption is  given below:





Normal    period
      (6:00 hrs to
      18:00 hrs)

Peak period
      (18:00 hrs to
      22:00 Hrs)

Off peak (22:00    hrs to 6:00 hrs)

Energy Charges




Billing of the demand charges:
  Monthly Demand Charge shall  be:
Billing Demand during the month x  Demand Charge per kVA

Billing of Energy charges:
  The  billing   of  the   energy  charge   for   HT&EHT  consumers  shall   be  done   as

a) Normal  time:    Consumption during normal  time  x energy rate / unit.
  b) Peak time:         Consumption during peak time  x energy rate / unit x  1.50
c) Off-peak time: Consumption  during off-peak time x  energy rate/unit x  0.75

Total energy  charge during a month = (a)  + (b) +  (c)

Other  conditions:
   Demand/energy charges shall be the demand/energy charges for normal  period as per the tariff  approved in this  Schedule.

   Demand/energy charges  for LT industrial consumers with a connected load  of and  above 20KW,   shall be as per the tariff approved in this Schedule.

   Demand charges during a particular month shall be assessed based on  the  recorded maximum demand during that month or  75% of the contract demand whichever  is higher.

   Excess demand charges:   Additional   demand charges shall be levied if the recorded  maximum demand exceeds the contract demand during  normal period and peak period,  which shall be charged  at 50% extra for  the  excess over the  contract demand (ie., additional  demand during normal/peak period x ruling demand charges x 0.5).  Additional demand  charges during off-peak  period shall be levied  only if the recorded  maximum demand during off peak period is in  excess of 130% of the contract demand.

   For the consumption of electricity during normal period ie 6.00 hours to  18.00 hours the demand/energy charges shall be at the notified rates applicable to the  consumer category.

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