KSEB Electricity Charges (Tariff) for Domestic Consumers (above 500 Units/month)

ToD Tariff for Domestic Consumers
Applicable to domestic consumers who consume more than 500 Units / month.


Normal Period
(6 hrs to 18 hrs)

Peak Period
(18 hrs to 22 hrs)

Off Peak Period
(22hrs to 06 hrs)

Charges for
consumption above
500 Units/Month

100% of the
ruling tariff

120% of the ruling

90% of the ruling


  1. Six months consumption shall be monitored from normal bi-monthly readings during  January  /  February  and  July  /  August  every  year.  If  the  average monthly consumption for first or second half of the year is above 500 Units, the consumer will be brought under ToD system after installing ToD meter in the premises.
  2. ToD based billing will be done whenever the monthly consumption exceeds 500 Units. If the consumption falls below 500 Units/month in any month, slab based billing shall be followed.

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