Unauthorised extension of KSEB supply

Supply Code: 154

(1) Extension of supply of electricity shall be reckoned as unauthorised if:-

(i) the extension is beyond the limits of the premises; or

(ii) the extension is for a purpose other than for which the supply is authorised whether or not such extension is within or outside the premises:

Provided that in the case of domestic consumers, temporary extension within the premises for non-domestic purposes shall not be reckoned as unauthorised extension if the load of non-domestic purpose is not more than twenty percent of the sanctioned load.

(2) On detection of unauthorised extension of supply of electricity, the licensee shall issue notice to the consumer, directing him to disconnect such unauthorised extension within twenty four hours and intimating that, the supply to the premises of the consumer will be disconnected if he does not comply with such direction.

(3) If the consumer complies with such direction issued by the licensee, the supply shall not be disconnected and if the consumer does not comply with such direction, the licensee may disconnect the supply immediately after the notice period, under intimation to the consumer or his representative available at site.

(4) Extension of electric supply through the meter to adjacent rooms or toilets or sheds or such other structures within the premises or to portable electrical equipment for the use in the same premises and for the same sanctioned purpose, shall not be treated as unauthorised extension.

(5) Consumption of electricity on account of the unauthorised extension shall be considered as unauthorised use of electricity and shall be assessed under Section 126 of the Act.

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