Withdrawal of application for KSEB supply

(Supply Code:58)

(1) If any person after applying for supply of electricity with the licensee withdraws his application or refuses to take supply, the application shall stand lapsed and the applicant shall be informed accordingly.

(2) The amount of security paid if any with interest at bank rate as on the date of furnishing such deposit and the unspent portion of the amount paid towards expenditure for providing electric line or electric plant shall be refunded by the licensee to the applicant:

Provided that the installation or part thereof constructed out of the amount deposited by the applicant shall, on withdrawal of the application by the applicant, become the property of the licensee and the applicant shall have no claim whatsoever on such assets;

Provided further that, the licensee shall as soon as may be, take steps to utilise such assets which shall be accounted as the assets created out of contribution by consumers.

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