Procedure for supply of electricity to seasonal loads for agricultural purpose by KSEB

Supply Code: 89

(1) Supply of electricity shall be given to seasonal loads for agricultural purpose namely Punja / Kole cultivation, sugar cane cultivation, dewatering, irrigation etc., where the distributing mains of the licensee are in existence.

(2) The beneficiary of such supply of electricity shall submit the application for connection in the local office of the licensee at least five days before the proposed date of availing supply of electricity.

Explanation:- Beneficiary of supply of electricity to seasonal loads for agricultural purpose shall include farmers cooperatives, neighbourhood groups, societies and such other association of farmers.

(3) The application for supply of electricity to seasonal loads for agricultural purpose shall be accompanied by a letter issued by Punja Special Officer or such other competent officer duly authorised by Government in Agriculture Department, authorizing the beneficiary or his representative to undertake the agriculture activity requiring supply of electricity.

(4) The applicant shall comply with all the necessary formalities specified in this Code for obtaining permanent service connection.

(5) The licensee shall, on receipt of the application, conduct necessary inspection of the premises and the installations therein and satisfy itself that the installations are conforming to the standards specified.

(6) Expenditure incurred for giving connection, testing fee etc., may be collected by the licensee in advance.

Explanation For the purpose of this subregulation, the expenditure incurred for giving connection shall include actual cost of labour, transportation charges of materials, charges for installation and dismantling of service lines as well as other equipment and hire charges for the materials used by the licensee for giving connection at a monthly rate of two percent of the cost of such materials.

(7) Supply of electricity to such seasonal loads may be given for a period up to six months:

Provided that this period may be extended on application from the beneficiary or his representative.

(8) The installation shall be energised only after getting the prior approval from the Electrical Inspector and execution of an agreement by the beneficiary.

(9) Charges for electricity supplied to the beneficiary may be realised at the rates approved by the Commission either from the beneficiary or from any other person or authority in the Government in Agricultural Department who is authorised to make payment of such electricity charge on behalf of the beneficiary.

Views: 1960.