Application for new service connection from KSEB and inspection of the premises

Supply Code: 76, 77, 78

Processing application for new service connection

(7) An application form shall be deemed to be received on the date of its receipt in the specified format, if it is complete in all respects with all relevant documents.

(8) An ‘application form’ shall become an ‘application’ on receipt of all applicable charges, security deposit and all necessary documents including approvals from statutory or other authorities; and the application shall be deemed to have been received on the date of receipt of all such charges and documents.

Inspection of the premises of the applicant

(4) On the appointed date for inspection, the licensee shall inspect and test, in the presence of the applicant or his authorised representative and the concerned licensed electrical contractor, the installation of the applicant and shall maintain a record of test results in the format given under the provisions of the Central Electricity Authority (Measures relating to Safety and Electricity Supply) Regulations, 2010, as amended from time to time.

(5) During the inspection, the licensee shall:-
(a) fix, in consultation with the consumer, the point of supply and the place where the meter and the associated equipment shall be installed in such a manner that they are protected from sun, rain etc. and are easily accessible, without getting the premises unlocked or opened for the purposes such as inspection, meter reading and maintenance;

(b) align the service line along an accessible route up to the entry point of the premises;

(c) determine and record the connected load of the consumer;

(d) verify and record the correct full address of the premises and note down landmarks near the property and the number of the pole or the details of the distribution pillar from where service connection is proposed to be given; and

(e) verify all other particulars mentioned in the application form, as required.

Rectification of defects found in the inspection

(1) If on inspection, the licensee finds any defect in the installation of the applicant, the licensee shall intimate, the defects to the applicant on the spot under proper acknowledgement.

(2) The applicant shall get all the defects rectified within ten days from the date of receipt of the intimation of defects as specified in subregulation (1) above and inform the licensee in writing under acknowledgement.

(3) In case the applicant fails to rectify such defects or fails to inform the licensee about the rectification of defects, the application form shall be kept in abeyance and the applicant will lose his priority:

Provided that the licensee may grant additional time to the applicant for completion of the works without any defects, in case the applicant submits a written request for the same, within ten days from the date of receipt of intimation regarding defects.

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