Procedure for shifting of meter or service line within the premises of KSEB consumer

Supply Code: 94

(1) The consumer shall apply for shifting the meter within the existing premises or for deviation of existing service lines within his property, in the format specified .

(3) For site inspection as well as issuance and payment of demand note for the estimated expenditure for works.

(4) The following time schedule shall be observed for completing the works from the date of payment of expenditure:-

SlNo. Purpose Time Schedule
(i) shifting of meter or weather proof service line or both seven days
(ii) shifting of LT service line thirty days
(iii) shifting of HT service line forty five days
(iv) shifting of transformer thirty days.

(5) Excess payment if any, made by the consumer shall be adjusted by refund and deficit payment if any, shall be realised by way of an additional demand note.

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