Conditions for Electric Connection from KSEB Kerala Electricity Supply Code
  1. Expenditure for extension/ upgradation of KSEB connection
  2. Recovery of arrears relating to previous KSEB consumer
  3. Transfer of KSEB service connection with arrears of electricity charges
  4. Supply of electricity by KSEB to divided premises
  5. Reconstruction of existing premises / buildings - KSEB Supply
  6. Proof of identity of the applicant for KSEB connection
  7. Proof of ownership or occupancy of the premises for KSEB Supply in Kerala
  8. Proof of present address for KSEB supply in Kerala
  9. KSEB Supply as Protected load
  10. KSEB connection for High rise building, colony, residential, commercial or industrial complex
  11. Determination of Load for multi-storeyed buildings, colonies, complexes for Electric connection in Kerala
  12. KSEB Supply for same purpose at same voltage level in a single premises
  13. Energisation of HT and EHT KSEB connections after approval from Electrical Inspector
  14. Space for installation of service line, meter and equipment for KSEB supply
  15. Restriction on re-sale of electricity in Kerala
  16. Single point KSEB supply and sharing of electricity charges in Kerala
  17. Distribution of electricity by KSEB through franchisee in Kerala
  18. Withdrawal of application for supply of electricity in Kerala
  19. Delay on the part of applicant to take KSEB supply
  20. Standards of Performance for KSEB supply in Kerala
  21. Failure of the applicant to avail KSEB supply due to reasons beyond his control
  22. Extension, alteration and renovation of installation after availing KSEB supply)
  23. Electrical Accident at the installation of KSEB consumer
  24. Damage to the equipment of KSEB such as Meter at the premises of the consumer
  25. Security for supply of Electricity by KSEB in Kerala
  26. Calculation of security deposit for KSEB supply
  27. Refund of security deposit from KSEB
  28. Interest on security deposit remitted to KSEB
  29. Review of security deposit for KSEB connection
  30. Submission of application for new service connection from KSEB in Kerala
  31. Application for new service connection from KSEB and inspection of the premises
  32. Sanction of Load for new connection from KSEB and Demand Note
  33. Timelines for releasing new electricity connections by KSEB in Kerala
  34. Procedure for providing temporary KSEB connection in Kerala
  35. Procedure for supply of electricity to seasonal loads for agricultural purpose by KSEB Kerala
  36. Procedure for modification or change in existing KSEB connection
  37. Procedure for Transfer of KSEB service connection
  38. Procedure for conversion of nature of existing KSEB connection
  39. Procedure for shifting of meter or service line within the premises of KSEB consumer
  40. Procedure for shifting electric line or electrical plant of KSEB in Kerala
  41. Dismantling of electric line or electrical plant which are not in use
  42. Reclassification of consumer category by KSEB
  43. Reclassification of KSEB consumer category on the request of consumer
  44. Enhancement of connected load or contract demand of KSEB Consumer
  45. Reduction of connected load or contract demand of KSEB consumer
  46. Annual review of contract demand of KSEB Consumers
  47. Execution of agreement for KSEB Electricity Connection
  48. Unauthorised extension of KSEB supply
  49. Regularisation of unauthorised additional load - KSEB Supply
  50. Disconnection of KSEB supply of electricity in the event of theft
  51. Procedure in the case of suspected Electricity theft - KSEB Supply
  52. Option of the KSEB consumer to purchase the Electricity meter
  53. Metering arrangements for KSEB consumers with dedicated HT or EHT feeders
  54. Consequence of making the Electricity meter inaccessible for reading
  55. Special meter reading for KSEB consumer
  56. Testing of Electricity Meter by KSEB
  57. Periodical testing of Energy meters in the institutions of public importance
  58. Procedure for testing of Electricity meter (KSEB)
  59. Replacement of defective energy meters in KSEB consumer premises
  60. Cost of replacement of defective electricity meters (KSEB)
  61. Replacement of damaged electricity meter of KSEB consumer
  62. Replacement of lost electricity meter of KSEB consumer
  63. Responsibility of the KSEB consumer to report the defect of energy meter
  64. Grounds for disconnection of KSEB supply
  65. Charges payable during the period of disconnection of KSEB supply
  66. Termination of agreement for supply of electricity from KSEB
  67. Dismantling of KSEB connection on the request of consumer
  68. Reconnection of electricity supply (KSEB)
  69. Procedure for disconnection of electric supply
  70. Unauthorised Reconnection of Electric supply
  71. KSEB-Procedure for billing in the case of defective or damaged energy meter
  72. Special reading and billing by KSEB in cases of change of occupancy/ vacating of premises
  73. Advance payment of Electricity bills by KSEB consumers
  74. Mode of payment of Electricity Bills to KSEB
  75. General provisions relating to Electricity Billing
  76. Procedure for billing in the case of lost energy meters
  77. Payment on self assessment of electricity charges by the consumer
  78. Procedure regarding Disputed Electricity Bills from KSEB
  79. Receipt for the payment of electricity bills
  80. Under charged and over charged electricity bills
  81. Recovery of electricity charge arrears by KSEB and its limitation
  82. Procedure for electricity billing when energy meter not accessible