Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
  1. Documents to be submitted for New LT Service Connection
  2. Maximum Connected Load and maximum Contract Demand for different Supply Voltage Levels
  3. Limits of connected loads and contract demand for new LT connections
  4. Wheter LT Service connection be availed at Multi-storied buildings, if connected load is more than 100 kVA?
  5. Electrical installations requiring Wiring Approval from Electrical Inspector
  6. Cases where Expenditure for distribution system to be borne by consumer
  7. Whether the Ele. arrears of previous consumer in a premise is to be recovered from the purchaser/ occupier of the premise?
  8. What are the criteria for availing a new connection in a premise where electricity arrears are pending for the previous consumer?
  9. What is the condition for transfer of service connection and continuance of supply in a premises with arrears of electricity charges?
  10. If a consumer proposes to transfer the ownership of a premises by sale or by any other means, what are the details to be submitted by the consumer for transferring the electricity connection?
  11. If a premise has been divided on partition among the co-owners or successors, what is the condition for availing a new connection to any portion of such divided premises?
  12. In the case of demolishing and reconstruction of entire existing building, what is the condition for continuing the existing service connection for re-construction purpose and for new building?
  13. What are the documents accepted as the Proof of identity of the applicant?
  14. What are the documents accepted as the Proof of ownership or occupancy of the premises?
  15. If an applicant is not an owner but occupier of the premises, what are the documents to be submitted as the proof of occupancy of the premises?
  16. What the documents accepted as the Proof of present address?
  17. What is the provision for availing power supply, not subjected to scheduled power cut or load shedding, applicable to essential services and to consumers who have opted for continuous use of power? [Protected load]